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The Oldsmobile Alero has 5 problems reported for engine stalls/shuts off while driving. Car would not start or it turned off while driving. Alero L 4 cyl .

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The Oldsmobile Alero has 9 problems reported for engine stalls/dies while driving. Average repair Jan Alero L my car problem began on 12/28/10 - the car stalls while driving, after about minutes it starts again.

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Car drove for 5 miles and died while driving again. The battery light is . I have a olds alero with a ecotec 4 cyl with , miles. I bought a new car.

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Alero () will not start after sitting over night. 87_ta. Alero Alero. 7. AM. Aurora - Dies while driving, no power.

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What would cause my car to occasionally stall when stopped in traffic? So far it always restarts right away.

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I have a alero with the l ecotec with 5speed manual trans. Related Engine Stall While Driving Content Stalls While Driving.

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Engine Shut Off Without Warning problem of the Oldsmobile Alero 1 My car, up to date with all recalls, has numerous issues still with driving and dying.

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Oldsmobile Alero When I slow down and stop the car, engine shuts off your car will be driving fine at road speed, only to die when you slow down and stop.

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I have an oldsmobile alero with a ecotec Iwas driving 55 mph and my car died it would not start back up.. - Answered by a verified Oldsmobile.