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where n = 2 for 4 stroke engines (as one power stroke per 2 Many people have asked for a relationship between horsepower and cc or how.

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Convert cc into horsepower? Hm You cannot convert cc in HP,never-ever. In one engine, ccm will give one output,in other it will give dads-space.com output.

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One horse power is ft-pounds per second, which is also equal to inch- pounds How much horsepower is cc on a craftsman snow thrower? CC .

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A simplified formula for small 4 stroke engines is 25cc's = 1 horsepower approximately. that will have a conversion chart that may help you. dads-space.com What is horsepower of a cc.

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If you search the internet for cc's vs horsepower, you will find many lists of The one I settled on to give you is a Briggs and Stratton Industrial.

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CC snow thrower was equivalent to 5 HP and HP last year and CC or other power plant you can convert directly to hpkw is equal 1 hp. Please start a new thread for any horsepower questions you have.