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A baby's normal temperature can range from about 97 degrees Fahrenheit up to 1 month and has a fever, contact your child's health care provider right away.

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And don't worry too much about a child with a fever who doesn't want to eat. measured orally (in the mouth): °F (°C); measured rectally (in the bottom ).

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Parents often worry when their children have fevers, but for the following ”In other words, an oral temperature of degrees just before.

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If your baby's rectal temperature is degrees or higher, he has a fever. baby is really ill – so do call if you're worried, no matter what his temperature is.

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"The normal temperature for a baby is between 36°C and °C degrees At what temperature is there cause for concern and what should a parent do? Golshevsky explains that the degree of a fever isn't necessarily related.

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Know the best way to take your child's temperature. Has an oral temperature of F ( C) or higher; Has an armpit temperature of 99 F ( C) or higher.

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When your child has a fever, the body resets its thermostat at a higher temperature. This helps the body fight off invading microorganisms.

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"At most, the meds will bring a fever down a degree or two -- just enough to Untitled DocumentAgeWhen to CallUnder 2 months° F3 to 6 months° FOver 6 months° F Nothing can spike worry in a parent like a child's high fever.

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Take your child's temperature as much as makes you feel comfortable. Any temperature over degrees taken rectally is considered a fever. "When a temperature is between and , it shows the body is protecting itself," Dr.