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Return on investment (ROI) measures the gain or loss generated on an investment relative to the amount of money ROI = (Net Profit / Cost of Investment) x

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3 days ago Return on Investment (ROI) is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of The result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio.

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This usually means revenue generated or revenue saved. For example ROI does not measure whether the community generated $k or $m in profit.

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To calculate ROI, the benefit (or return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment. The result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio. The formula.

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Instead of paying $30, a year invest $30,, get % ROI, Well, it has happened a few times but it's by no means practical to bank on.

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− × = −90%. What does a negative ROI mean? Let's take a step back and think about a different question: what would it mean if we had a zero ROI?.

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Because ROI is most often expressed as a percentage, the quotient should be converted to a percentage by multiplying it by So this particular investment's .

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Return on investment (ROI) is a profitability ratio that measures how well your To make this a percentage, multiply the number by

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Most people think of ROI in terms of currency: you invest $1, and you earn $, that's a 10% return on your investment: ($1, + $) / $1, =

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ROI, or return on investment, is a common business term used to identify past and potential financial returns. Often expressed as a percentage or a ratio, this value describes anything ROI (%) = Net profit / Investment x