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Find out the VLT% allowed on your vehicle according to NC Tint Laws. Reflective Tint: On any window the film cannot be more than 20%.

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Up to date car tint laws in North Carolina (NC). Don't get fined and read Tint reflection for sedans: Front Side windows: Must not be more than 20% reflective.

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Vehicles with applications of after‐factory window tinting must be checked, at an additional charge of $10 during a North Carolina safety inspection to ensure they meet specifications set by the state in G.S. ). Individuals with a photosensitivity to light who need darker window tints can apply for a.

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How dark can window tint be in North Carolina Must not be more than 20% reflective. Learn more about car window tinting, tint shops, and state tint laws. Different Types of Window Film · How to Remove Window Tint · How Long Does.

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Click HERE for NC DOT Tint Law Link: HOW DARK CAN WINDOW TINT BE IN NORTH CAROLINA? Darkness of tint Must not be more than 20% reflective.

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A police officer who has reasonable suspicion to believe that a vehicle's The light reflectance of the tinted window must be 20 percent or less.

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NC Window Tint Law. § (b) Window Tinting Restrictions. - A window of a vehicle that is (1) The total light transmission of the tinted window shall be at least thirty-five A person who does any of the following commits a Class 3.

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I really want to go with 20% tint on my i but in my state (NC), 35% is the BTW - Big BMW windows FTW - I've heard that our large windows.

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Find information on car window tint laws by state in the US and Many car owners have window tint for protection from the sun, . North Carolina, 35%, 35 %, 35%, tinting allowed to the top of the . The 'eyebrow' (the little strip on the car's windshield) is also permitted as long as it 35% vs 20% vs 5%.

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Window tint shall fail N.C. safety inspection if: (a) Any window on the vehicle with after-factory tint has a light Old , PM.