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EASY TO REMEMBER URL: 'dads-space.com' for Senegal country code country codes SN and Senegal phone number.

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You want to know which country has the dialing code +? See which country has the international phone code +

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Calling formats[edit]. To call in Senegal, the following format is used: xxx xxxx - Calls within an area code; + 8xx xxxx - Calls to Dakar from Access codes. Country calling code, + International call prefix, Trunk prefix, none.

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When calling a phone number in another country, there is usually a prefix you have to dial to indicate that you're placing an international call; this varies by.

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If as a country code, it's Senegal, on the very leftmost point of West Africa. The area code is not the US; there's no () area code in the US, so it's possible If the international number was forwarded to your caller ID unit, be aware that some .

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List of country calling codes. Previous (List of countries by continent) Gambia; + – Flag of Senegal were assigned two-digit codes (to compensate for their usually longer domestic numbers) and small countries, such as.

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Country code lists. Code, Country.

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Country Code + is assigned to Senegal. Use suffix + country code to call telephone, mobile or cellular numbers in Senegal.

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In list you can find countries, area codes, country codes, capital city, telephone prefix, IDD code. International phone numbers on the continent of Africa SN, SEN, Senegal, Dakar, + Seychelles, SC, SYC, Seychelles, Victoria, +