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An amplifier will put out different amounts of power (watts RMS) based on the impedance load it "sees." Getting the right sub for an amp, or the right amp for a.

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Your amp must be able to push watts at, say, 2 ohms if these are 4 ohm speakers or watts at 4 What amp should I use for a watt subwoofer?.

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If you wire one subwoofer to one amplifier, your matching calculation is new 55 Series subs which have a dual voice coil design and can handle W RMS.

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Hey i just purchased a 12" Audiobahn Subwoofer (ABASS12) watts rms power.. and i was wondering what kind of amp would i need to run.

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Find out here how to match your subwoofer to the perfect power amp. Subwoofers have two power-handling specifications RMS watts, also referred to as.

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The best method when matching speakers to amplifiers is to use the Do not match the speaker's RMS power rating to an amplifier's Max/Peak power output. 4, watts, watts, watts Measuring amplifier output power · Temperature differences between subwoofer voice coil types ·

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Showing 1 - 13 of Kicker KXA Watts 4 Channel Amplifier $ Add to Cart. Kicker DXA Watts RMS Mono Amplifier $ Add to Cart. JL Audio XD/1V2 Watt Mono Subwoofer Amplifier.

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Once you've determined the wattage range of the amp, ensure that the subwoofer's RMS watt power is 75% minimum and % maximum. Calculate the “watts.