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What is the environmental impact of paper towel usage? employees to make them understand the environmental impact of high paper usage.

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How much paper can be made from a tree? Or, alternatively, how many trees are needed to make a given amount of paper? There is no simple answer to these.

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On the other hand, a tree was cut down to make that sheet (and many like it), so it follows that being wasteful with paper is being wasteful with trees. k Views.

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It is probably hard to get an exact number, but here is how I would start answer to this question: First, we have to define what a "tree" is. Is it a giant redwood tree.

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How many pieces of paper will one tree make? Featured Videos. The Answer: Since trees are different sizes, it would be difficult to say how much paper comes .

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Also, many environmentalists who believe that the world's forests are This makes kenaf an attractive tree-substitute for making paper with a.