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In , the brilliant English navigator Francis Drake (c–96) led an and traveling backward, Drake discovered the place where the Atlantic and Pacific.

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The history of Antarctica emerges from early Western theories of a vast continent, known as . Francis Drake like Spanish explorers before him had speculated that there might be an open channel south of Tierra del Fuego. Indeed, when Schouten and Le Maire discovered the southern extremity of Tierra del Fuego and.

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Sir Francis Drake was an English sea captain, privateer, slave trader, naval officer and explorer .. Sable a fess wavy between two pole-stars [Arctic and Antarctic] argent; and for his crest, a ship on a globe under ruff, held by a cable with a.

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Fifty-eight years later, in , Sir Francis Drake sailed his Golden Hind through During the 's, the French became active in exploring for new land to the.

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It is nearly impossible to exhibit a detailed chronology of exploration in the In September, Francis Drake passes through the Straights of Megellan only to.

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This was the Drake Passage between South America and Antarctica, named in his On the west coast of North America, Drake explored further north than.

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British Antarctic Expedition - 13 - Terra Nova, Crew and Personnel List. Drake, Francis R.H. - Asst. Paymaster, R.N. (retired), secretary and .. part in a western journey exploring and mapping the western mountains of Victoria Land.

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But then after seeing a motion picture about Richard Byrd's first Antarctic Mr. Popper even writes to his hero, Admiral Drake, currently exploring Antarctica.

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Sir Francis Drake: A Pictorial Biography by Hans P. Kraus .. on a great circle westward from Greenland, which Frobisher explored, is obstructed by many rocks . . of the Arctic (with a presumed northern continent), the Antarctic, and the four.