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Many natural dyes require the use of a mordant to achieve the most durable Drying and storing, or “curing” alum-mordanted fibers often results in deeper This particular method is adapted from an email conversation with Michael Garcia.

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In either form it must be clean (commercial yarn usually already is); dirt will repel the mordant and later on the dye. Tie skeins (tight knot, loose loop) in four.

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those for dyeing madder on iron mordant to obtain Mordanting directions for 1 OO grams of commercial Then wrap the whole loosely in the cloth and tie it.

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Alum - For use in marbling and fixing Natural Dyes. Alum Instructions Alum is used in the fabric marbling process as a pre-mordant to make marbling paints.

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(Detailed instructions for the preferred methods are provided at the end of the article). Mr. Garcia created an aluminum acetate mordant for block printing by mixing potassium aluminum sulfate . Tie skeins in at least 3 places with loose ties.

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Tie or safety-pin tags on fiber, but remove pins after dyeing as the metal may react Alum is the standard mordant used for this method but other mordants can.