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The Supervisory Board of Kopex, at its meeting held on December 11, appointed two new board members – Andrzej Czechowski and Arkadiusz Śnieżko.

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In its session of the 11th of December, the Supervisory Board of the Kopex company appointed two Management Members, Mr. Andrzej Czechowski and Mr.

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KOPEX Group's Internet Monthly Magazine, No. 12(77) Members, Mr. Andrzej Czechowski and Mr. Arkadiusz Śnieżko, for a five-year term.

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suppliers. kopex s.a.'s voluntary takeover bid made in May , which was extended on November 23, comprehensive information all about Hansen Group's activities at the Company's home page under andRzeJ czechoWski.

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e-mail: e-mail: dads-space.comwski@kopex. Member of the CC Group 41/43 Zielna Str., Warszawa.

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WARSZAWA, Manufacturer and exporter of groups of antibiotics: tetracyclines J 01A, beta-lactam antibiotics-penicillins J 01 C, other () ,, Mr. ANDRZEJ 8, 5, KOPEX S.A. () 40 70 , Mr. JAN CZECHOWSKI.