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Question. I woke up two nights ago from a deep sleep and my heart was pounding and today I looked in the mirror and saw a red line through my right eye like I.

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As it continues, many wonder when (or if) they'll ever sleep soundly again. At 3 a.m. you wake up, your mind racing with nervous thoughts.

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If you've ever been awakened suddenly by an alarm from a blissful night's rest and wondered if it's broken something in your brain, you're not alone. Being suddenly woken up mid-sleep cycle just isn't great for you. Bad news, since most of us use alarms to wake up that often.

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Why do so many of us fall asleep only to wake up at 4am tossing and feeling anxious and with thoughts racing, at precisely the same time.

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“Now my typical sleep pattern still has me waking at 3am but I usually Desmond adds: “Do not toss and turn and get mad at yourself. Take deep breaths . If my brain is racing too fast for me to catch up with it and tame it, then.

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Inadequate sleep appears to increase substances in the body that are linked to brain's respiratory center that can awaken a sleeper many times at night. (the sensation of a racing or pounding heart) can also disturb sleep.

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Annie blogs about not being able to switch off and sleep, and how your teeth and your mind's swarming like a flock of angry bees. I'd also recommend Sleep Cycle app – which monitors your patterns of sleep and wakes.

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Sleep is supposed to be a time of peace and relaxation. Most of us drift from our waking lives into predictable cycles of deep.

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Plus why you might be waking in the first place. in the middle of the night, feeling desperately tired, but not being able to fall back to sleep.