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Feast your eyes on these photos of real people who look like anime characters, carrying about their business in the 3D world as if they walked straight out of.

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Yes, there are people in real life who look like anime characters. Most anime characters share similar facial proportions, features, and hairstyles. Many have.

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There's a notion that anime (and manga) characters look good in their respective formats because they are so stylized. In real life, this notion.

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Imagine how terrifying someone would look if their iris was almost the same . If you see a cute anime girl, would she look as pretty in real life.

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A person who watches anime or majors in Japanese language at university is not A lot of them are unemployed and live at home with their parents (some are not through any real work or effort of their own--but there are means, one of.

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Spike from Cowboy Bebop was even cooler in real life. View "10 Anime Characters You Didn't Know Were Based on Real People" and more funny But you didn't come to this article to look at some boring old buildings, even.

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Let's find out the difference between schools in anime vs real life! Before getting into certain differences between Japanese school in anime and real life, let's take a look at how school But in reality, there is only one staple uniform design.

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Anastasiya Shpagina Turns Herself Into Real-Life Anime Girl (PHOTOS) And, surprisingly, it looks like that was a pretty big void -- her Facebook fan Hey, who are we to judge people's unconventional beauty obsessions?.

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Creepy-Looking Real-Life Anime Girl – Feels Like a Real Anime Character. Bizarre Most people think that Anastasiya looks more like a Barbie doll. Although.