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Apollo's Lyre is a Black Market item which you used to be able to buy with passes, but now it comes with the Harmony Pack. Apollo's Lyre has the ability to customize the name of one of your horses. You use the Apollo's Lyre by clicking the letter you wish to customize and using.

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Ever dreamed about owning Hestia's Gift, The Fifth Element, Apollo's Lyre, Golden Spurs, and even a Sleipnir? Howrse has now allowed players to be able to.

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You might have thought it was an Apollos Lyre that gave you these until you first got a horse with one, then you found that all it had were ugly little brown pictures .

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The Black Market is a exclusive store on Howrse, in which everything must be bought Apollo's Lyre allows you to customize one horse of your choice's name.

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In this case, there is no point in using Aphrodite's Tears and you will have lost one pass. Apollo's Lyre allows you to customize your horses' names and add colors horse on the drawing (ex: no background, no human characters, no grass.

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I got an Apollos Lyre with it. Hey guys, I wonder what the difference is between the 'regular' gifts on the map and the yellow ones. Would be.

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I assume that Apollo, who is also the sun god, has the same horses. Answered. In Apollo How do I make a Howrse layout I need a website name?.