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We have exception lists or others class type lists to show all types of damages. The following lists are the damages of such weapons listed on each section.

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Hey guys, I've been getting back in to AQW recently, stopped in I've missed out on A LOT, so I was just wondering what the best classes.

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AQWorlds Design Notes Add Enhancements to items to increase their stats and damage! Apply Enhancements to Helms, Armors, Weapons, and Capes by buying them from Shop Vendors and Class trainers, although you just might be able to find some special enhancements on your adventures throughout Lore.

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This set will return EVERY February, so if you can't get it now, you'll have Find the Gilded HeartBreaker weapon set and the Happy House of Doom in the.

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If you find a bug, please report it in the Bug Tracker. Be sure to include . Refer to the Weapon Damage Chart for more information. 7. Why are.

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Battle this monsters to get a cool weapon that you want then enchance it. LIST -Battleon Area -Sword Haven Area -Orc Town Area -Pirate Area ~: Bosses:~.

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“AdventureQuest Worlds,” often dubbed “AQWorlds,” is a free-to-play After defeating a boss, it often drops a rare weapon for your “AQWorlds” collection. and become “AQWorlds” members will get a pet Wyvern when they.