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Don't mind me, just uploading my Discord Whooves art stuff. Human That's simply the most awesome fan art I ever saw for that ask blog.

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How did you find me? Anyway, now that you're here, ask me anything But don't waste my time.

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mymagicgrandpa. Okay NOW the final page is posted, tumblr dun goof'd .. You can see more of the grumpy Gallireyan at Ask Discord Whooves. And for some.

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"Ask Discord Whooves" (often just Discord Whooves) is a This page's comment section is not the askbox, nor does Jitterbug Jive pay.

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Ask Discord Whooves Review He is so (It's not anymore THANKFULLY) It's more noticeable in his first answer around page 29 I think in where it starts to get very sexual. . 17/20% Good.

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Size: x | Tagged: artist:jitterbugjive, ask, ask pun, blushing · Size: x | Tagged: artist:adilord, bowtie, discorded whooves, discord.

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Size: x | Tagged: artist:lanalana, ask sleepy twi, discord whooves. 2 Tagged: artist:theevilflashanimator, ask, discorded, discorded whooves.

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Taranasauruso_o · 18k words · 17 0 · k views. TDoctor Whooves The Doctor seeks to unravel the mysteries of Discord Whooves's past. Human · Crossover.