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On many 4×4 trucks, automatic locking hubs are used to disengage the front When the transfer case is shifted into 4WD, the unlocked hub automatically slides .

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Locking hubs, also known as free wheeling hubs are fitted to some (mainly older) four-wheel drive vehicles, allowing the front wheels to rotate freely when disconnected (unlocked) from In some other vehicles, automatic locking hubs are used which, as the name implies, engage automatically when 4WD is desired .

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When should you lock your hubs? When should you unlock them? Could you leave them locked? Locking hub were invented to engage/disengage the front.

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I had the auto-locking hubs on an '81 K10, and they would unlock at the most in- opportune time. I needed them locked to back my boat up into.

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The Auto Locking Hub enables the connection and disconnection of the. “free- wheeling” wheels with the and “UNLOCK”. Auto Locking Hub. Product Data.

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andbody, know of any auto locking hubs for an 88 K5, im new here If the hubs are unlocked and you are in 4wd, the front axle will just spin.

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Auto hubs while convenient, have gone bad on me and started trying to lock while im driving down the road. So you have to stop on the side, reverse to unlock.

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the rear hubs are constantly in a locked position and cannot be unlocked, also the diff The hubs are manual or automatic depending on which make and model you Many solid axle vehicles have manual hubs, but not all, for example the.

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Toyota changed the LC70's hubs from manual to automatic/lock. There's no need to unlock the hubs every time you switch from 4WD to 2WD.