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Anwar got sucked in by that tornado and is in the book. I read somewhere that you need to go sunny hill and examine the pillar after fighting the monsters near.

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For Avalon Code on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Rex's sidequest".

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Avalon Code - Characters, SideQuests, and Love Scenes Guide Meia Hero Duran Rex Valdo Heath Anwar Rhoan Gustav Meenya Helen Kamui Cure Fana - You may have enough Hope codes to cure Fana but if you don't International: IGN World Map · Adria · Africa · Australia · Brazil · Benelux.

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Like the rest of the main characters with patched in codes (Fana, Dorothea, Rex, Anwar, Nanai, etc) you can get rid of them by filling up their.

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Anwar Congo in The Act of Killing More than cinema In , a film came out in of the Khmer Rouge (April January ) known by the code name S, .. a high security prison where prisoners were poorly treated, tortured and killed. .. VOID BV KOLDO ZUAZUA PC AVALON DISTRIBUCl6N AUDIOVISUAL, S,L.

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For fans of the musical instrument that is the unaltered human voice, it's a rare treat. when a young man named Anwar Congo became a legendary death- squad leader in .. shut down Craig's little project for code violations, each of which Craig tries to address with At Avalon and Cinema Arts Theatre.