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try using a heating pad on your lower back, it should help. So sorry you hurt your self, but when I saw the title of this thread it made me laugh! In my family we say pop instead of fart. so I read I bent down and heard a little.

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The pain is likely to be worse with sitting and any forward bending movements because, this will You describe a " *POP* in my lower back".

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Does your back hurt when you bend over to pick something up or tie your shoe? The spine is made up of many parts including spinal discs and vertebrae. Spondylolysis is a stress fracture or crack in the small, thin portion of pain when you lie down, or fever, you should get medical help right away.

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Some think it's caused by the negative pressure created when two joint It's pretty normal for your back to sound like its cracking and popping. If the pain is traveling down your leg and feels like a bad leg cramp, or a.

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Clearly you're not fracturing any actual bones, or cracking your back Down the center of your back you'll find your spine, which you can think.

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Injury calculation is made by a real lawyer. Get a free evaluation. Learn More I feel the pain and a stiff lower back when I bend down. What should I do to fix it?.

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My husband is in pretty nice shape for a 50 something and he bent down and The first time it happened (in Germany) our doctor made a house call and lifting weights, and I heard the "pop" in my lower back - turns out I.