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The sound happens to be isolated in one of the baseboard heater upstairs through the pipe the pipe expands therefore making the clicking sound. it get better (not make as much noise), then speed up and start a "cycle"?.

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Baseboard heaters sometimes make clicking sounds. These are caused Another good trick: do not overtighten screws fastening the heater to the wall. After your This will leave room for the metal to expand without making noise. Likewise.

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I've got 4 new electric baseboard heaters recently installed and they each have their . Makes sense; although some of those 'electronic' programmable thermostats can at say the start of the heating season has one heard a slight sound.

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Less common now than it was 20 years ago, central heating knocking or banging is central heating system expanding and collapsing can cause clicking noise.

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Chattering Relay Switch Noise Causes & repairs for clicking chattering relay switches in But if your contactor or relay switch is clicking on and off rapidly or making a .. by a wall thermostat and used to turn on or off electric baseboard heat. .. stresses in the range of seismic frequencies and acceleration amplitudes.

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Central heating takes an hour to stop making a tapping noise! . It also runs 3 zones with copper tube/aluminum fin baseboard radiators. .. introducing "lime scale" and fresh oxygen to the heating water which will accelerate sludge formation.

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[MEDIA] My Prius makes a rattle noise under medium acceleration. Nothing look all the way down the exhaust line for a heat shield touching.

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I've noticed the clicking noise happens most often when going from a I'm wondering if it makes a difference whether the temperature knob is It almost reminds me of like baseboard heat creaking/popping/ticking whenever it heats up . .. pretty bad popping from my rear diff when accelerating from a stop.

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64 STEAM HEAT NOISE 64 NOISE FROM BASEBOARD HEATING SYSTEMS The key words to remember in making purchasing decisions are "slower" and . e) Smooth out acceleration of moving parts; apply accelerating forces gradually. . Such action when there is no air leakage gives a popping sound - as the noise .