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Wherefore definition is - for what reason or purpose: why. How to use wherefore in a sentence. wherefore and Shakespeare.

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Beauteous definition is - beautiful. this beauteous face / A world of earthly blessings to my soul— William Shakespeare high summer pours.

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the sound-meaning nexus, it emerges that Shakespeare consistently aligns these sequences with sonnet ('0 how much more doth beauty beauteous seem / By that sweet ornament '). .. (3) Ah, wherefore with infection should he live.

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Ah! wherefore with infection should he live, . indirectly seek = seek out by dubious means, or by means of an intermediary. The implication here is that Nature has run out of supplies, and is no longer capable of creating beauteous things.

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Charles Edelman, Shakespeare's Military Language: A Dictionary B1;certain' for sure':This beauteous Lady, Thisby is certaine. Wherefore a guard of chosen Shot I had, (1H6 , Talbot), OED Shot sba, b and.

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Read Shakespeare's sonnet 34 in modern English: Why did you, like the sun, in Modern English / Sonnet Why Didst Thou Promise Such A Beauteous Day The words have largely retained their meaning since Shakespeare's time, so a Sonnet But Wherefore Do Not You A Mightier Way · Sonnet Who Will.

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But wherefore do not you a mightier way. Make war upon this bloody tyrant, Time ? And fortify your self in your decay. With means more blessed than my barren.

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A Complete Dictionary of All the English Words, Phrases, and Constructions in the Works of the 2) great vexntion, great drawback: you to your beauteous blessings add a c. . III, 2, 5. wherefore have these gifts a c. before 'em7 Tw. I, 3,