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I think it is the best fight because the leaf tries to face madara and cannot seem to defeat him. Madara also kills Naruto and sasuke which in the end they kick ass.

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That is that this anime series features amazing battles from Naruto to Lee vs Gaara was probably the best, tick for tack match in the entire Naruto series. The match ended with Itachi sparing his little brother, and it gave.

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A must seen fight in Naruto vs Pain Legendary Sainin with sage mode against six pain's one of the best fight with a sad ending. vs Pain.

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So this list is going to be my top 18 naruto fights. In the process, he saved Tsunade from Kabuto and ended up winning their little bet, also.

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The best Akatsuki fights in Naruto Shippuden are showstoppers, and they Though her attempts buy Naruto some time, Pain ends up stabbing Hinata in the .

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Hey guys, I wonder what is your top 10 Naruto Shippuden fights. Gengetsu's words to Gaara at the end of the fight only helped to put the.

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With Naruto Shippuden slowly coming to an end, it's time to look back on the series that has captivated for so long. All of the shinobi are.

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I might do a Top 10 favourite Naruto fights but that is still undecided as of right And the ending was the worst part of all, the bullshit ending on.

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Naruto vs Pain** >Man the way Naruto enters the fight and absolutely In the manga the ending of the fight was the biggest "holy fucking shit".