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Anyone else not find out until this late even though you tested every few days after missed period? Just want to check I'm not weird or does it.

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Any wait a long time? I'm 2 days late and still bfn. Trying to hold out hope but.

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With my dd we weren't trying so I didn't test before I missed AF for 3 days. How many days after your missed period did you finally get a bfp?.

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Generally the best time to test is one week after your missed period, though some women can get a BFP only a day or two after they miss their.

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I was just wondering how long did you have to wait to get your BFP? so I only did the test to reassure myself that my period would come!.

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How long after missed period have you been getting a BFP (big fat positive ( pregnancy test)) just out of interest so i can be positive that there is.