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When you see this character in a scene you know they are gonna steal the show. For me it's gotta be Takamura from Hajime no Ippo. At first I.

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He's maybe one of the most overpowered characters in anime and that's one thing what However, he's the most badass in the OVA series.

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Who in your mind is the biggest of the badest mother****er's in anime and manga history. All interpretations . Alexander Anderson from Hellsing Ultimate OVA.

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He took an even bigger level of badass around the end of the Buu saga. . Even in the anime-original climax arc, the most she did was "synchronize". When we see her next in the 3rd OVA series, she reveals that she also has staff training .

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We're going to talk about the women in anime who are equally badass. Their flavor of badassery is most of the time very different to their male.

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Based on over votes, Vegeta is ranked number 1 out of choices. Agree ? Disagree? Place your vote on the top 10 list of Biggest Badasses In Anime.

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Place your vote on the top 10 list of Best Anime Villains. Frieza is the most badass villain in the history of animenew Okay so there are undoubtedly some incredible anime villains, but for me Kagato Araki of Tenchi Muyo OVA should be.

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Top 10 Most Badass Anime Protagonists Subscribe: and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it.

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Hello:) this is a list about female characters you better not mess around with. This is my personal list of the most badass girls in anime ever (at least for the.