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A new Reddit theory suggests Sarah Paulson's Billie Dean Howard is connected to "AHS: Roanoke" in a very big way. TV LISTINGS · TV RATINGStoggle child menu she referenced the Lost Colony of Roanoke very briefly — Howard most recently popped up in, and subsequently bolted from, “Hotel.”.

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More connections to Murder House are heading to AHS: Hotel as Sarah Paulson is set to revive Billie Dean Howard in the finale.

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American Horror Story: Hotel concludes with a fitting ending that looks as work once more, as well as becoming a hipster Howard Hughes, without the crazy. way the characters are staged around Billie Dean (Sarah Paulson manages to.

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Iris's invitation to Billie Dean Howard (Sarah Paulson, reprising her role from AHS : Murder House), the Lifetime-network psychic, failed to.

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Sarah Paulson will reprise her 'Murder House' role on 'American Horror Story: Hotel.'.

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Billie Dean Howard is invited at the Hotel Cortez by Iris, in order to communicate with her friend Liz Taylor's deceased boyfriend, Tristan Duffy. Billie Dean wants.