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In the letters to the early Christian churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia in Revelation and , reference is made to a synagogue of Satan in each case .

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During “the Latter Days,” Graham is heard to say, Jews will be divided into the “ Remnant of God's People” and “the Synagogue of Satan.

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"I wonder, will you recognize Satan. I wonder if you will see the satanic Jew and the synagogue of satan because satan has deceived the.

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Dov Ber Birkenthal was born in Bolechow in and died and was buried there in for prayer in the synagogue: "They do not prepare such garments for prayer in the holy .. (lulki), which he compares to offering up smoke to the devil.

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Refugees from the breadth of Poland fled via Bolechow in the direction of the Hungarian and .. Bursts of machine gun fire followed, accompanied by satanic laughing and The Russians converted the Great Synagogue into a military store.

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My friend Munzio Turkel, a youth from Bolechow, was together with me. . broke into the hall and trampled on the martyrs with their boots with satanic cruelty. . The street of the synagogue and the “Kleine Kloiz”, “Polishe Kloiz”, “Sadigura.

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Field School to Bolechow and Pechenezhin .. R: For to keep away the devil. [laughter] .. A synagogue and Hasidic batei midrash stood on the opposite side of the main road through town, close to the northern end of the reservoir.

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Mendelsohn promised himself that when he left Bolechow for the last Yet the truth, like the Devil, is often to be found in the details, which is .. different portions of Genesis read in synagogue on different days, the parashot.