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Broccoli is a cold weather crop, meaning that it will bolt or go to flower if it's too warm. To get tips for preventing bolting in broccoli plants and.

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I've not grown purple sprouting broccoli before and I need help! One of the plants Not sure, catymck, but it might have bolted. There is a good.

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My plants look healthy but in the last week they have developed lot of flower heads to give you a half way decent plate of purple sprouting!.

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Page 1 of 1: Ive got yellow flowers appearing on my broccoli. Up to last week I had this my first go too, i find sprouts easier to grow. They must.

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Even if gardeners get SOME broccoli growing OK and SOME bolting to flower, remember this. Plants WANT to grow, that's their purpose, like we want to live.

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I will just add, even after bolting broccoli is delicious. Mix the flowers into tossed salad and stir fries. If you like this kind of thing try growing.

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Bolting is how some common vegetable and herb plants respond to stress But when there's broccoli growing in the garden, the plant fully.

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The best thing about purple sprouting broccoli in comparison to regular calabrese broccoli is the fact that you can achieve multiple harvests from one single plant.