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Have you ever heard your dog emit a mournful howl, joining a chorus of passing fire truck or ambulance sirens? Why do dogs howl at sirens? And why will one.

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Let's review some of the reasons for a dog howling right here. The distant sound of approaching sirens always prompted her to sit up We live with two highly competitive stumpy-tailed red cattle dogs and a pointer-boxer.

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Some dogs also howl in response to high-pitched sounds, such as emergency vehicle sirens or musical instruments. Read on to learn what to do if your dog.

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how to begin? Here's 5 ways to get your dog howl, including videos designed to encourage howling in dogs. Boxer howling at siren noises.

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This story originally appeared in BarkPost email, the new home of BarkPost's original articles. If you want silly stories, fascinating dog facts, cute pup pics, and .

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Dogs may howl out of pain, loneliness or when provoked by a sound. A common trigger is the noise of a fire engine's siren blaring within hearing distance of.

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A dog's behavior can often prove confusing to their human colleagues. We know they like to eat their own poop, but puzzle at their motivations. We're surprised.

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For domesticated dogs, this may translate to howling at sirens (“Hey, I'm over here!”), howling when a strange dog comes near (“Too close, buddy!”), or both.

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Why do howling dogs insist on letting loose high-decibel canine yowls every time a siren passes by? Do dogs love the blues? Courtroom dramas? Firemen?.

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Learn more about why your dog may howl at night, in their sleep, at sirens, and much more. Dogs howl for many reasons, but the main ones are long-distance .