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Another wierd issue thats cropped up recently, lately while accelerating either from a stop or after changing gears, the handbrake light/ brake.

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The brake fluid will be low. the sensor triggers when you accelerate due brakes are important, adn something is causing that light to come on.

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So for some reason when I accelerate the red BRAKE light goes on in my car - the slip light won't though and there is absolutely no slippage.

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check your brake fluid reservoir. the light is a low level indicator. it likely means you're low on fluid as when you accelerate or stop suddenly the fluid if its low the warning will come on. if its low check your brake pads as they.

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Same thing: brake light comes on for about a second under hard, straight-line When you accelerate it pushes the fluid backwards.

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Hello. I've been having a strange problem that I need to deal with. Problem: The in-dash "Brake" (e-brake) light comes on in the following.

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Im running Rainsport 3s and am happy with them on all fronts. Having said that, I may well switch to CrossClimates when the time comes to.

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Once I stopped accelerating and the speed leveled out, the light went out. I havent noticed if the Brake light comes on during cornering as well, but I know.

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Q: The brake warning light stays on all the time. I've checked that the emergency brake is not on. There are no noises or smells. What do you.

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If the brake light comes on and stays on, have your car inspected immediately. Driving with a malfunctioning Brake light is never a good idea.