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On the day I visited many of the bramley apples that had been picked in September were being packed and delivered to supermarkets. The wonderful smell of.

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Britain's dinner tables are set to be hit by a shortage of Bramley apples this summer as the harvest goes pear-shaped. Falling prices have also seen growers ditch the cooking apple for other, more lucrative crops. Demand is still high for Bramleys, a uniquely British fruit used.

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Although it is important to harvest Bramley apples at the correct stage of maturity to achieve the required quality ex-store, there are no harvest maturity.

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An easily grown fruit, both dessert and cooking apples are popular fruits to grow. Bramley is the most popular variety of cooking apple, while favourite dessert.

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Apple trees grow everywhere except in the very hottest and very may be successful in your climate include Anna, Bramley, Dixie Red Delight.

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The apple is a hardy, deciduous woody perennial tree that grows in all temperate zones. Apples grow best where there is cold in winter.

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Expert suggestions on choosing apple trees and fostering healthy apple tree growth and information on harvesting and storing your apple crop.

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This Apple Bramley - Apple Tree not only produces a fresh, tasty and quality crop but also makes an attractive plant. There's nothing better than growing.

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It's years since this most famous cooking apple was discovered. Our clone 20 is a For planting and growing advice read our Apple Tree growing guide.