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Nov 7, Whether you call it passing gas, farting, or flatulence, gas is a normal There's no way to stop this bodily function completely, but here are

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Passing wind (intestinal gas) is called flatus or flatulence and is normal for It isn 't possible to stop flatulence altogether but some things can help to control it.

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Flatulence is passing gas from the digestive system out of the back passage. It's more commonly known as "passing wind", or "farting". Farting is often laughed.

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Apr 24, Although passing gas is a normal bodily function, some people may be causes excess air to enter the body, which can lead to trapped wind.

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Flatulence. Passing wind is a perfectly natural bodily function. It is thought that we typically release gas between 12 and 25 times a day, or to 3 litres of gas.

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Dec 3, Call it passing gas, breaking wind, or farting— most healthy people do it and eventually be released at the opposite end when you pass gas.

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It's more commonly known as "passing wind", or "farting". do not chew gum, smoke, or suck pen tops or hard sweets to avoid swallowing air; do not wear.

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do about farting and belching (wind/flatulence) including the foods to avoid and The other parts of the pants are airtight, so wind can escape only by passing.

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May 6, Breaking wind is natural and healthy – but it can also be that women tend to produce a stronger smell (so you can stop blaming the dog).

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Aug 21, Whether you call it farting, flatulence, passing wind or any other name, expelling gas is a normal physical How to avoid farting in the office.