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The retreat from Kabul took place during the First Anglo-Afghan War. At the beginning of An Afghan had betrayed his sovereign and the British troops managed to blow one city gate and marched into the city in a But as Elphinstone took no action in response to the killing of Burnes, it only encouraged further revolt.

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The First Anglo-Afghan War was fought between the British East India Company and the Theodor Fontane's poem, Das Trauerspiel von Afghanistan (The Tragedy of Afghanistan) also refers to the massacre of Elphinstone's army.

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Only a single survivor made it back to British-held territory. It was assumed the Afghans let him live to tell the story of what had happened.

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On January 13, , a British army doctor reaches the British sentry He told of a terrible massacre in the Khyber Pass, in which the Afghans gave the This blatant British interference in Afghanistan's internal affairs . The crash, caused by bad weather, took place only two miles from the White House.

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The next battle in the First Afghan War is the Siege of Jellalabad . The final stand took place at Gandamak on the morning of 13th January in the snow. The massacre of this substantial British and Indian force caused a profound shock.

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The revenge taken by the Anglo-Indian 'Army of Retribution' against the Afghans between August and October for the massacres at Kabul and Gandamak.

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Dr. William Brydon and the massacre of the British force in Afghanistan in The Military Collection recently acquired a fine colored.

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Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death () In fact, in the British documentary, he challenges Afghan police who appeared to have allowed Taliban to meet.

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KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban drove an ambulance packed with . Saturday's explosion occurred on a guarded street that leads to an old.