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Some of your favorite television personalities were once homeless. When we see them today, we admire them for their success. However, they.

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From James Bond star Daniel Craig to Jenny from the Block singer Jennifer Lopez, we can't believe these successful A-list stars were once.

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We might crave the glamourous lifestyles of the rich and famous, but many of these celebrities have quite literally had to work their way from.

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Craig now has several critically acclaimed movies on his resume, but The Independent reported that the actor waited tables and even slept.

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In fact, some of the most famous and successful people were once homeless. Their stories prove that being displaced from a home does not.

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Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelessness. A. Willie Aames actor (outdoor camping at age 47 in after bankruptcy and losing his home to .

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Julia is one of Britain's best known television presenters, bringing us Countryfile, I met people who were living comfortable happy lives and then it all went of ' How Clean Is Your House', but as a teenager she was once made homeless.

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The stars who have struggled against the odds for fame and fortune, CELEBS WHO CHANGED WEIGHT FOR A ROLEACTOR V CHARACTER Young, tired, homeless and broke, a young Winfrey once rushed up to soul.

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Following is the list of celebrities who were once homeless. Daniel Craig is a British actor who is infamously known for his role as James Bond in the latest.