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Aug 13, Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that more British military personnel will join the Nato mission in Afghanistan. All part of the Nato mission to train, advise and assist the Afghan security forces. For British soldiers and most of Nato's forces it is no longer a combat.

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May 18, Afghanistan: UK considers sending more troops The UK troops would help train Afghan forces and not be in combat. Army numbers fall.

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It has also enabled UK troop numbers to reduce and combat operations to decrease. Currently there are nearly 1, UK troops deployed in Afghanistan.

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May 18, Britain has about troops in Afghanistan at present, mainly Our journalism now reaches record numbers around the world and more than.

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Aug 13, It is now four years since British troops “left” that country, after 13 long years and in this war; including this month's doubling of troop numbers.

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Small numbers of British troops continue to help train and advise the Afghan National Security Forces, but are no longer engaged in active combat operations.

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Jul 13, Troops numbers are provided by NATO in placemats. UK forces perform several roles in Afghanistan under the broad umbrella of training.

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Number of killed in Afghanistan. USA: 2, UK: Canada: France: Germany: 57 Additionally, there have been 95 fatalities among troops from the non-NATO contributors to the coalition .. Included in these numbers are 17 CIA operatives that were killed in Afghanistan: 17 by hostile fire, including seven in a .

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May 18, at the numbers of troops from different nations currently in Afghanistan. doubling the number of British troops in Afghanistan, we have taken.

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Jan 14, Record numbers of people crowd to vote at the Nad-E-Ali District . Since most UK troops deployed to Afghanistan have operated in.