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Information for Health Professionals on assessing fitness to fly. The commercial aircraft environment is not generally considered hazardous to the normal pregnancy. For this reason, most airlines do not allow travel after 36 weeks for a single pregnancy and after 32 weeks for.

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by the UK CAA Medical Department in relation to obstetrics and gynaecology. (2) For holders of a class 1 medical certificate who are pregnant, an OML shall apply. side effects and intended future management including medication.

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Professional Pilots, Pregnancy and Flying - Information Sheet A pilot should ground herself and notify a specialist in aviation medicine should she feel.

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If pregnant—the pregnancy is not likely to interfere with the safe exercise of privileges, Suspension of medical certificates—pregnancy.

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Must Advise the CAA (PDF); - You Must Advise the CAA (PDF KB) - Pregnancy (PDF), see also Pregnant Professional Pilots Report (PDF MB) aimed at helping anyone whose use of alcohol or other drugs is of concern.

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medical evidence relating to the risks and manifestations of pregnancy that may relate to aviation safety, .. reducing blood pressure, stopping misuse of drugs and being in paid employment at 15 weeks' registered at two maternity care.