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And how can you cash a check after someone has died, anyway? If the deceased didn't have a POD account or the check isn't written out to.

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You can't take it with you, so what happens to your bank account after you Banks typically allow others to deposit checks into someone else's.

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Your mother should open a probate at the government offices in your fathers' county. They will instruct her to open a separate estate account.

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If the deceased person left a valid will, the person who deals with the estate is called the Where the property is a house, there should be written documentary . It's also advisable to check carefully the amount that should be due, and to.

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checkbook, checks, writing a check One big trend that could accelerate the paper check's death throes is the continuing shift to e-commerce.

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The task of notifying issuers, closing accounts can easily be pushed aside. “If you know before someone dies that you will be the personal representative However, to officially close the account, it's important to follow up in writing. . Employer credit checks: Who does them, how they work and what laws.

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My sister wrote $10, checks from our late mother's bank Also see: How can I ensure my husband and his lazy kids honor my will? “If the person did not intend the joint owner to keep the asset on death, but instead only.