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They sit right between the radiator and exhaust header and what typically happens is that something causes you car to overheat and ruins.

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I already tried replacing the coolant, but that was on the side of the road when I stopped the car when it was hot but it still happens. It happened.

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Sounds like a fan problem. Check the fan relay and fuse. You can also use a cheater to check the fan motor to see that the fan itself isn't the.

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My car seems to be running fine, but I'm worried that it seems to overheat a little when idling. What happens is that when I'm stopped in traffic.

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The check engine light is not on. However the car begins overheating when sitting at idle. The radiator fan does not run at any point. Could a.

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If you car overheats in traffic and/or when idling, you should consider It's only when you stop in traffic or remain idle that the fan blades stop.

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The last couple of days, my 92 Accord (Auto, km) has had the engine overheat (almost into the danger zone) when idling and driving at.