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It can be tricky to know what to wear to an interview for a care position. As a carer, you will likely spend the majority of your time with your.

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Interview Dressing Do's. Dress With the Job in Mind. You want the parents to imagine you in your future role as a carer, so wear clothes that.

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I now work as a Health Care Assistant and in all my interviews I wore a suit ( White blouse with Black trousers, Black blazer and smart Black boots). Have you had.

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A job interview is always a daunting prospect. However, with help from our experts you'll be fully prepared to nail your Care Assistant interview.

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In the health care field, it's perfectly acceptable to wear colorful scrubs but only any other job interview – you have to dress appropriately and professionally.

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I have a phone interview tomorrow for a care assistant role and im him around the house (he could wash and dress himself without help) its.