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The duplication of username/password exists to give the engine the possibility of using indexes. The collation above is a Case Sensitive collation, change to the.

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How to write case-insensitive SQL queries. Includes LIKE and equals clauses. To save you some of that grief, the following examples show how to write case- insensitive SQL SELECT queries using SQL standard syntax.

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by default, MySQL does not consider the case of the strings You can choose a case-sensitive collation, for example latin1_general_cs (MySQL grammar): . For both the normal comparison (=) and the SQL pattern matching (LIKE) the.

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Because of this it is difficult to determine the differences of a value in upper case vs. lower case. By using COLLATE clause we can force a.

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Ignoring the case in a where clause is very simple. You can, for example, convert both sides of the comparison to all caps notation: SELECT first_name.

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Case Sensitivity in SQL Statements. Case sensitivity rules in SQL statements vary for different statement elements, and also depend on what.

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SQL SERVER – Collate – Case Sensitive SQL Query Search values ' CaseSearch, casesearch, CASESEARCH, CaSeSeArCh', following statement will return To make the query case sensitive and retrieve only one record.