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Explains a cat owner options when treating their cat for pain. The first is that vets have noticed over the years that cats can be sensitive to a number of drugs.

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Just because your cat isn't showing pain doesn't mean he isn't feeling pain, and that pain can often be severe. Pain is a serious medical.

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A cat may decide that the stairs are too difficult to navigate and remain on a single level of the home. Some cats that are in pain will sleep more than usual, while.

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When your cat's in pain, pain meds may not be the best option to help them. Learn why some pain meds can be deadly to cats & what to give them for the pain.

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WebMD can help you safely treat your cat's pain. Safe Pain Medications for Cats Your cat is more than a pet -- she's part of the family.

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It can be easy to miss the signs your cat is sick; they don't all resemble the colds that people contract from time to time. Cats have a tendency to hide their pain.

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In the wild, cats that appear sick or injured are vulnerable to predators. For this reason, cats often disguise the fact they are in pain. Cat pain can be caused by a .