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Waking up to a dull, pulsating pain in your temple is hardly the way that you want to start your day. Yet it's not at all uncommon: 50 percent of migraines.

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If you are waking up regularly with a headache, you may have what's called an “ awakening headache.” Here's what causes morning headaches and how to treat .

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It can cause you to have a headache when you wake up in the morning. The headache is generally dull in nature and can be felt near your.

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Napping is supposed to help you feel better, right? Take a nap, wake up nice and refreshed but sometimes that doesn't happen. Sometimes.

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To wake up first thing in the morning often with a headache suggests the need to assess sleep as a cause. It just makes sense. Sometimes the cause, but more.

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The National Headache Foundation is a leader in headache and Serious diseases may cause early morning awakening headaches.

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Headaches are pretty awful at any time, but getting one in the A.M. is a sure-fire way to get your day off to crappy start. Unfortunately, you aren't.