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Learn what Hollywood stars and other notable individuals have been touched by adoption. notable with their lives. So have a look at following list of celebrity birth parents, adopted children and adoptive parents: . Edgar Allen Poe (author).

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Biography. Author/Poet. Poe's actor parents died before he was three years old (his father had disappeared before he was born and his mother died.

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Serial adopter Angelina Jolie may get most of the press, but she's far from being the only celeb to become a mama through adoption. A slew of stars we love.

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Angelina Jolie might be the most famous adoptive mom in Hollywood, but she's certainly not the only one in Tinseltown who has adopted children.

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Every child who was fostered and/or adopted has the capacity to impact Poe's father abandoned the family in , and his mother died the.

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But what about famous people who are adopted themselves? It's nice to see examples of grown Edgar Allen Poe. His birth mother died shortly after his birth , and his birth father left the family. Edgar grew up with a family in.