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Cetaphil Skin Cleanser may be effective, nontoxic treatment for head lice. It works by suffocating the lice.

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Because information about head lice treatments changes . Cetaphil: http://www. dads-space.com .. National Pediculosis Association on the web at.

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How to Treat Head Lice With Cetaphil | eHow. Like CandyGoodiesSnacks CookingSweetsNatural Home Remedies. More information. Saved by. eHow.

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How to Treat Head Lice With Cetaphil. Often parents are reluctant to apply chemical shampoo to a child's head to treat lice. Lice are becoming.

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Cetaphil Method as Lice Treatment: Please Note: The Vermont Department of Health recommends Nix or RIDD for treatment of head lice and the TES Health.

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Many people have used Cetaphil to treat head lice. Cetaphil has been approved for use as a cleanser, and is safe to use on skin, States, which has not reviewed or endorsed the material on this web site. Adapted from: http:// dads-space.com and dads-space.com dads-space.com

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This website summarizes my research in the treatment of head lice. I hope The lotion used in the research was Cetaphil® Gentle Skin Cleanser, a widely sold.