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It is not always easy to recognise that a child is being hurt or is at risk, Behavioural – such as a child cringing or flinching if touched unexpectedly; or a.

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It is not your responsibility to determine if a child is being abused; however, of explanation for injuries;; wariness of adults;; cringing/flinching when touched;.

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This article will focus on the behavioural aspects of child abuse as they apply to An aversion to touch and physical affection: The child might flinch, laugh.

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Identify the signs and behavioral indicators of child abuse and neglect for infants Rarely touch or look at each other; Do not respond to each other after a .. A toddler hides from his dad at pick-up time and flinches when his dad approaches.

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The boy I babysit does. If I raise my hands (like I'm going to pick something up, rustle his hair, tickle him, etc), he flinches like he expects to get.

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If a child flinches or cowers when a hand is reached out towards her, it's yet another Discuss good and bad touch and what is and is not okay.