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I saw memes like “Imagine you finally meet your soulmate and immediately .. Im a israeli and each time the plane lands they clap their hands.

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Have you ever cheered or clapped when a plane landed? Although it's not a rule of flying, it does happen—whether on an inaugural flight on a.

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“I've always thought about it as annoying when people clap on landing,” she says . “I do this every single day, [but] a lot of people don't do this.

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When people clap when the plane lands What's wrong with u from Instagram tagged as Meme.

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Clapping when the plane lands. HAWKINS This is the whitest thing on planet earth from Items tagged as Earth Meme.

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Clapping on planes makes some people cringe, it turns out the pilot might actually be one of those people! Here's why you should never clap.

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Explore Classica Corsair's board "Plane Memes" on Pinterest. | See more Plane Memes. Collection by .. ***I do NOT clap when the plane lands. PrO_RaZe.

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There are a number of psychological and cultural reasons for why people applaud when the plane lands. But the practice could be extinct in a few years time.

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Confession: I've clapped for a plane landing. While I'd never think to applaud when a subway train reaches my stop, there's something joyful.

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“People who don't drink while on medication and people who clap when the plane lands.” It's funny because it's true: Why should pilots be.