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Front end clunking noise E36 M3 () '19 BMW e I also had the car on a lift and examined all suspension and brake.

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I tap the brakes and there is clunk from underneath. Without it, you can get some movement and a click sound when you hit the brakes. Jun ; Location: Middletown, CT; Posts: 1,; My Cars: BMW M3 Coupe.

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My E46 has started making a slight but definite clunking noise in the front end when I step on or release the brake. It's especially noticable when the BMW I handiling package E46 I Ford Track.

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it was quiet year after figured out most vibrations and so on, few week ago I start noticing some clunk around front suspension area sound like.

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It started with one click(or clunk you name it) noise when I hit the brakes the first time I drive every morning and then it progressively got worse.

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Towards the end of this week, I noticed a clunking/tapping sound from the I've used Delrin RTAB limiters in the past on an E46 M3 for the rear.

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The following day I noticed a clunking sound when braking a lil harder at lower BMW E90 i (M) '05 (His) | (Hers) BMW E46 i f/l (M) '

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BMW 3-Series and 4-Series Forum (F30 / F32) | F30POST > . A single click sound when going from reverse to drive and braking.