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Coal Hill School is a fictional school in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who . Three schools were used for Coal Hill filming locations for "The Caretaker": Gladstone Primary School, Cardiff (again), Holton Primary School in.

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At one point in , the First Doctor went to Coal Hill School to look for his The Twelfth Doctor chose Coal Hill as the location to which he would lure a Skovox.

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Foreman Street. (TV: Nightvisiting, For Tonight We Might Die) Coal Hill School on Coal Hill List of Doctor Who television stories Tardis · Spock's Search for.

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Coal Hill School – Coal Hill School appeared in the first ever episode of Doctor Who in The Doctors granddaughter Susan attended the school.

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The Coal Hill School is the setting of the first episode of Doctor Who, "An Unearthly The school is a featured location, as a group of Daleks set up a base there.

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Doctor Who spin-off series Class is coming to BBC3. Focusing on the pupils of Coal Hill, where “incredible dangers are breaking through the.

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Browse over 25 scenes filmed at 20 filming locations for Doctor Who including locations in Barry, Coal Hill School [S8E2 Into The Dalek].