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Many composers followed the dominant artistic style of the period, from Impressionism to Futurism to Expressionism to Post-Modernism.

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This is a list of composers of the Classical music era, roughly from to Prominent Early Galante era composers – Transition from Baroque to Classical (born before )[edit] .. Dragonetti (–); Giacomo Gotifredo Ferrari ( –); Adalbert Gyrowetz (–); Jean-Xavier Lefèvre (–) .

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This list provides a guide to opera composers, as determined by their presence on a majority of –; –99; –49; –99; –present. 2 Female . Carl Maria von Weber (–) founded German Romantic opera in order to challenge the dominance of Italian bel canto. A master.

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A list of top 10 composers in history of classical music and their greatest works. Soon, more followed and Verdi established himself as the dominant figure of.

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Mozart – unlike most composers before him – was able to make a living . Battle of the Huns), devoted to Kaulbach's painting of Attila the.

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Jeremy Dibble gives an overview of British composers in the early twentieth century and Even before the Education Act, when music gained a status within the particularly in the sphere of instrumental music, remained dominant in the . publication is British Musical Criticism and Intellectual Thought

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Many agree that music began even before man existed. However, there are a few exceptions, as some composers had works so important This homophonic style eventually became dominant in instrumental forms of ( - C.E.).

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Foremost among contemporary composers was Monteverdi, who had known of the Blow were the chief composers of opera in English before Italian domination of was to dominate instrumental music from the midth until the 20th century. .. After , composers of other nations, especially France and Russia, also.

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Cello, music for: in chamber music setting (c–) Composers dead 0– 25 years before the birth of the 'subject' composer, 2. .. challenged the longstanding Austro-German dominance of serious instrumental.