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Coral Castle is an oolite limestone structure created by the Latvian-American eccentric Edward Edward spent more than 28 years building Coral Castle, refusing to allow anyone to view him while he worked. A few teenagers claimed to have.

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Creating a structure like the Coral Castle today could probably be accomplished in a few months with a construction crew and modern.

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They believe that Ed built Coral Castle using his unique insights into magnetism and electricity, perhaps levitating the blocks into place using magnetic vortices.

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Were they built for ancient religious ceremonies involving human sacrifices? The Coral Castle is an immense collection of intricately carved.

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The Coral Castle, located in Homestead, Florida is one of the most amazing modern structures ever built. The castle has been compared to Stonehenge, ancient.

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The enigmatic Coral Castle is made of huge rock slabs totaling over tons, yet one man cut, quarried and set the stones himself. How were.