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In this article, you'll learn to divide your code base into clean, efficient modules using Python packages. Also, you'll learn to import and use your own or third.

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For instance, use your favorite text editor to create a file called in the current .. to create and maintain a growing collection of modules for the conversion.

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We'll create a new module, custom2 that adds these capabilities: . The explicit cast to destructor above is needed because we defined Custom_dealloc to take.

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It will show you how to add the necessary files and structure to create the package, how to build the package, and how to upload it to the Python.

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Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to Casting in python is therefore done using constructor functions.

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Run that script in your project folder, alongside the Python packages you have .. Convert the source code from Python 2 to Python 3 with 2to3 during the build.